Advice for Pond Maintenance in Haywards Heath

Our pond maintenance team offers advice and assistance for homeowners in and around Haywards Heath who haven’t looked after garden ponds before. We specialise in pond repairs and pond cleaning treatments to let customers enjoy the benefits of their beautiful outdoor spaces. If you have any questions about upgrading pond pumps or monitoring the health of your fish – contact our experts for all the tips you need!

Top Pond Maintenance Tips

  • Controlling the Presence of Algae – Regularly removing a build-up of algae from the surface of garden ponds prevents unattractive green water. Pond cleaning services include installing pond pumps to keep water features oxygenated. Haywards Heath customers should invest in UV Clarifiers to expose the organisms to UV radiation, which can then be successfully broken down by biological filtration units. Our experts in pond repairs ensure pond cleaning equipment continues to function as it should.
  • Keeping Pond Pumps and Filtration Units Clean – Regular inspections need to be carried out to avoid blockages from debris. Pond cleaning duties use rain or pond water to retain the bacteria inside the filters, keeping garden ponds habitable for your aquatic wildlife.
  • Provide Shade for a Cooler Environment – Our pond maintenance team recommend homeowners in Haywards Heath to keep garden ponds as cool as possible in the summer. This is achieved with shade from surrounding plants. Keeping water features cool prevents parasites from affecting the health of fish in garden ponds which are at risk in hotter climates. Adding or upgrading pond pumps and waterfall features creates movement that increases the flow of oxygen too.
  • Frequently Feed Your Fish – It is important to regularly feed fish to stimulate their growth without overfeeding them. Regular pond maintenance duties include removing leftover food particles and aquatic waste, which collect at the bottom of garden ponds and become toxic. Physical health checks are also performed during the pond cleaning process.
  • Check Water Levels – Hotter temperatures affect the water levels in garden ponds so Haywards Heath customers are advised to keep pond water topped up. Low water levels mean less oxygen, which pond pumps help to alleviate in the meantime. Exposed pond lining due to less water may require pond repairs if it becomes worn or cracked.
  • Removing Blanket Weeds and Debris – Like algae, blanket weeds, bacteria, dead leaves and debris pollute garden ponds. Weeds should be removed as quickly as possible by pulling them out. Natural pond netting prevents debris from causing problems, as well as protecting fish from predators likes foxes and herons.
  • Pros and Con of Frogs – Garden ponds in Haywards Heath benefit from frogs which limit the number of troublesome insects. These burrow into the lining which requires pond repairs to avoid leaks. However, frog spawn can endanger fish and plant life if they are exposed to it over long periods.

To arrange for pond maintenance or pond repairs at your Haywards Heath or West Sussex property, call 01403 791090.