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Garden ponds are fantastic additions to Storrington gardens, and can create stunning, relaxing areas that are enjoyable all year round. However, with great spaces comes great responsibility – and regular pond maintenance is required to avoid the need for pond repairs. We provide both services, as well as pond cleaning and the installation/replacement of high performance pond pumps, for clients throughout Storrington and all surrounding areas.


In this article, we’ve run through the 10 most essential aspects of pond maintenance. We hope that those who are new to the idea of owning garden ponds will be able to learn a lot, and that those who’ve owned them for a very long time will still be able to pick up a few handy tips. If you’d rather just have our experienced professionals carry out pond maintenance or pond cleaning on your behalf, or indeed any of the other services we mention above like pond repairs or the installation of pond pumps, then pick up the phone and give us a call on 01403 791090.



10 Essential Pond Maintenance Tips for Storrington Clients


1. Keep algae under control. Either rake it off the surface of garden ponds, or have a UV clarifier installed by our team of experts. These innovative devices get rid of algae by exposing it to UV rays.

2. A great way that Storrington clients can avoid the need for pond repairs is by regularly cleaning its filter. Use a small brush to banish dirt and grime, thereby preventing blockages.

3. Warm water is conducive to the growth of parasitic organisms which can threaten the well-being of wildlife living in garden ponds. But when Storrington is experiencing high temperatures in the midst of summer, the only way to avoid this eventuality is to add shade. If natural shade isn’t available, then consider investing in a man-made pond shade.

4. While not strictly falling into any of the main categories (pond maintenance, pond cleaning and pond repair), remember to feed fish an ample amount but not overfeed them. Uneaten food will sink to the bottom and contaminate it.

5. When it does get hot, water will evaporate from garden ponds. This can eventually lead to the exposure of key components like pond pumps and lining. So be sure to top water levels up to keep the lining intact, and to ensure the water has enough oxygen in it.

6. One essential aspect of pond cleaning is getting rid of floating weeds. Pull them out whenever you spot them.

7. …and another is the removal of leaves, bacteria and food that is sucked out by pond pumps into a vac. Otherwise it might get full and cause garden ponds issues which lead to the need for pond repairs etc.

8. Some garden ponds need extra, added nutrients. If yours is one of them (Storrington clients unsure can always call us for advice in this area), invest in the right dissolvable tablets so that you can keep your pond healthy even during the harsh winter months.

9. First time fish owner? Take a good deal of time before buying some to think about the types that will thrive in your pond. Even professional pond maintenance, pond cleaning and pond repairs doesn’t do much good if the eco-system is completely off by design.

10. Noticed a frog or frogspawn living in your garden ponds? Don’t panic! Frogs are great at getting rid of insects which would otherwise breed and cause a nuisance. They can also stop non-native plant species from invading.


While some of these aspects of pond maintenance and pond cleaning might be simply handed on a DIY basis, other more complicated aspects (like pond repairs including work on pond pumps), should be handled by professionals. We’ve been carrying out all these important services for clients in Storrington and all surrounding areas for many years, so why not give us a call?


You can reach us on 01403 791090. Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd are Storington’s top choice for pond repairs, pond cleaning and all related services!

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