Benefits of Butyl Liners for Pond Repairs in Horsham

The team at Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd specialise in pond maintenance and pond repairs for Horsham customers experiencing leaking water features. Issues with low-level water are commonly due to wear and tear from debris or the local environment. Whatever the cause may be, we install brand-new Butyl liners to alleviate the problem. Our full pond maintenance service includes checking the condition of the water with pond cleaning treatments and upgrading pond pumps if required. We ensure that garden ponds are looked after and repaired with environmentally-friendly solutions.

What are Butyl Pond Liners?

Garden ponds throughout Horsham and West Sussex benefit from Butyl (Isobutylene Isoprene synthetic rubber) for re-lining as part of essential pond repairs. Gardeners and pond maintenance experts endorse the high-quality synthetic rubber due to its flexibility, resilience to fluctuating temperatures and eco-friendly material. Butyl liners help to sustain the aquatic life of your plants and fish, like the pond pumps we regularly install. The initial cost of Butyl liners is slightly higher than other pond liners, however its durability and variety of sizes reduces the likelihood of pond repairs.

Benefits of Butyl Rubber

Our pond cleaning and maintenance team recommend Butyl for pond repairs and re-lining garden ponds in Horsham because of the following reasons:

  • Non-hazardous to fish and aquatic plant life
  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions and UV exposure
  • Extremely flexible material which is easy to install
  • Fits various sizes and shapes of garden ponds in Horsham
  • Minor pond repairs are carried out with adhesive mastic tape
  • Available in sheets up to 1mm in thickness for improved strength

Butyl is a better alternative to PVC for long-term pond maintenance. PVC is cheaper to install; however, the durability is reflected in the lower price. PVC is thinner, easier to tear and has a significantly shorter lifespan. Horsham customers with larger garden ponds on their property will enjoy the benefits of stronger Butyl linings if foxes or herons are frequent pests.

At Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd, we ensure each product we use to carry out pond repairs meets our superior standards of quality. This includes state-of-the-art pond cleaning solutions, pond pumps and filtration units. Butyl rubber liners last more than 35 years before needing pond cleaning or maintenance. This guarantee extends even longer when it is kept preserved below water level in garden ponds.

To find out more about how we take care of garden ponds in Horsham and West Sussex, including repairs for linings and pond pumps, call 01403 791090.