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Our team is always receiving queries from Steyning homeowners who have just invested in garden ponds and are curious about aspects of pond maintenance, pond repairs and other procedures we carry out – like pond cleaning. Others have queries about more specific areas, like whether it’s worth upgrading pond pumps and similar components. But one very interesting and important question we get from time to time revolves around moving into a new home with an existing pond… what do we do with it?!


Well, first of all congratulations. Garden ponds are highly attractive features which are very sought after, and add value to Steyning homes for good reason. They’re tranquil, natural spaces which can maintain entire ecosystems that are fascinating to observe and engage with. If you’re concerned about associated costs, for example professional pond maintenance, pond repairs, pond cleaning and the installation of important components like pond pumps – don’t fret! A lot of maintenance can be carried out on a DIY basis, and should you require professional assistance, our team can provide services at exceptionally competitive prices you won’t find elsewhere in or around Steyning.


Anyway, on to that question of what to do when moving into a property with garden ponds….


Making the Most of Garden Ponds in Steyning


Have an Assessment Undertaken – If it’s not the first pond you’ve owned, you may be comfortable evaluating its condition by yourself. Otherwise, have our team in to take a look at the pond’s size, depth, ecosystem (present plants, fish, amphibians etc) and its infrastructure. For example, pond pumps and lining. This inspection allows Steyning clients to know both if pond repairs or pond maintenance procedures are desperately required, and what specific procedures will need to be carried out.


Consider Oxygen Levels – One of the most important aspects of caring for garden ponds is ensuring that they have enough oxygen. Most larger ponds will need aeration systems, which utilise pond pumps and a combination of other components to circulate oxygen throughout the pond, giving fish, frogs, plants and critters a ready supply. It will also encourage the growth of helpful, friendly bacteria while removing harmful gases.


Keep Weeds Under Control – Regular pond cleaning and similar aspects of pond maintenance can be the difference between one of Steyning’s many beautiful, diverse garden ponds – and one which is completely overgrown or devoid of life. Both algae and aquatic weeds like chara, bulrush and phragmites can also pose problems that need to be monitored. We can deal with these intrusive species through the careful and measured use of herbicides and algaecides, or good old-fashioned elbow grease! Be careful if you chose to use chemical treatments on a DIY basis (which we wouldn’t recommend), as using too much could severely impact the quality of your water.


Get Rid of Unwanted Vegetation – Certain vegetation within existing ponds may not be wanted, especially dead vegetation and those which might prove toxic to fish you will want to introduce at some point. On a DIY level, certain tools can expedite this process and make it easy work. If you’re worried about impacting existing ecosystems or vegetation in a hard to reach area, it may be worth calling in Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd – the Steyning area’s leading provider of pond cleaning and pond maintenance services.


Don’t Neglect Essential Maintenance – Once garden ponds are clean and usable, it’s important to keep on top of pond maintenance so that they stay clean and usable. If components like aerators or pond pumps breakdown, immediately invest in pond repairs to stop ecosystems from dying out due to lack of oxygen, for example. Regular maintenance and pond cleaning from our team of experienced professionals can ensure that no muck or pollutants build-up and cause long-term issues.


Still unsure about the ins and outs of garden ponds, or in need of fast and affordable pond repairs / maintenance? Give our team a call!


Dial 01403 791090 today. We’re proud of our reputation around Steyning, where we keep garden ponds good and healthy via pond maintenance and pond repairs procedures.

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