Pond Maintenance in Hove | How to Keep Blanket Weed at Bay

Blanket weed is a type of algae and a common problem both new and experienced pond keepers face. If left, this weed causes a number of issues, such as depriving fish and plants of oxygen and sunlight. Consequently, it’s vital to carry out regular pond cleaning and other pond maintenance to remove any blanket weed and prevent further growth. At Pond Restoration & Maintenance, we undertake a range of services for garden ponds in Hove to keep your feature in the best condition. From replacing pond pumps to carrying out pond repairs, we have the solutions you need to banish blanket weed.

Pond owners often find it difficult to identify blanket weed because it occurs in different forms. However, our experienced team quickly and accurately assess any problems you are having. This ensures we provide the most suitable maintenance services and pond repairs, if necessary.

The two main causes of blanket weed are excessive sunlight and nutrients. To help keep your pond in Hove clear, we’ve provided a handy troubleshooting guide to pond maintenance:

New Ponds – When preparing to build a new pond, it’s worth considering filling it with rainwater rather than tap water. This is because rainwater doesn’t attract as many algae problems.

To minimise the risk of algae, it’s also essential to install suitable pond pumps. With over 25 years of experience delivering pond cleaning, restoration and pond repairs, our team advise on the best system for your feature. We supply and install a range of pumps in Hove and the surrounding areas to suit your needs.

Sunny Ponds – The position of garden ponds can have an effect on the growth of blanket weed and other algae. Too much sunlight is one of the main causes of blanket weed. As such, you should avoid building a pond in an area with all-day sunlight exposure.

If you have an existing pond in Hove that is getting more sun than expected, adding water lilies is an ideal way to create shade.

Water Quality – One of the key ways to prevent blanket weed is by regularly checking the water quality of garden ponds. This is because high nitrate levels cause algae growth. Include tests for pH, KH and GH levels when carrying out pond maintenance.

Suitable, high quality pond pumps and filtration systems are vital for maintaining water quality.

Water Changes – When experiencing extensive algae problems, pond owners in Hove often resort to changing the water in their pond. However, this is not an effective solution to blanket weed.

If carrying out a water change for other reasons, such as pond repairs, using rainwater will help with algae issues.

Additional Nutrients – Excessive nutrients are another cause of blanket weed. There are various ways extra nutrients find their way into garden ponds. Some examples include using garden compost instead of aquatic soil and leaving decaying plants and fish waste in the pond.

Regular pond cleaning should include skimming the surface of your pond to remove leaves and other debris as well as removing sludge build up.

For more information and advice about pond maintenance for your pond in Hove or the surrounding areas, call us today on 01403 791090.